Group Organiser Guide

As a group organiser or potential group organiser you may find the following points helpful for organising your stay at Brunel Manor

1. The Brunel Manor team are here to help - do not hesitate to contact us to arrange  a viewing or to discuss your  requirements. 01803 329 333 or

2. What is the aim of your group getaway? Are your priorities discipleship, building your church family or relaxation?

3. Plan well ahead, make a detailed list of all you need to do, look at recruiting some help to delegate specific areas of responsibility. Meet with your helpers and discuss your need and the progression on a regular basis.

4. Budget for the event, which package do you think your church needs or can afford? Our website clearly illustrates the differences. Pay your deposit to secure your booking, look at the terms and conditions to know when your next payments are due.

5.  Promote your weekend away. Brunel Manor team may be able to support you with a short presentation in church, or at a group/church council meeting to communicate and answer questions your group may have. You may need to produce a simple leaflet and booking form to let people know what your are doing. We advise you to let your group know whether they are on an ecconomy break or Standard. We can provide you with our logo. Don't assume people are coming unless they have signed up and paid a deposit. Remember to issue a simple receipt.

6.  We have a booking form which should be completed immediately. A bedroom allocation and a dietary request form should be submitted at least 2 weeks before arrival. Please let us know if you would like communion whilst you are here. We can provide communion wafers, freshly made bread and gluten free bread, communion wine or grape juice.

7.  Brunel Manor may be able to support your music ministry, pastoral work and children's work. Please request this when booking and should this be possible the appropriate person will get in touch with you directly.

8.  Don't forget to ensure you have considered cancellation insurance, the nearer you are to coming, the higher the cancellation fee!!

9.  Evaluate the service you have received, before and after your stay. Brunel Manor is 'given to hospitality'. We are keen to ensure your stay is just as you have expected.

10. PRAY - the Lord provides according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4 v 19