Conference Equipment

The main conference room is well equipped with a comprehensive facilities such that users need normally bring little else besides guitars, possibly a laptop, and themselves.

The sound system is centred around a 20 channel mixer desk, and includes a digital (USB) player / recorder, CD player, 2 foldback speaker channels and a hearing aid loop. The majority of mixer channels are available at the front of the room, and include 1 dedicated channel for the lectern mic and 4 inputs with DI boxes for guitars etc. In addition to 5 cabled mics, standard equipment includes a handheld and lapel wireless mic. A variety of leads are normally available for users to connect their own equipment.

The projection system utilises a full HD projector (1080p 1920 x 1080) with both HDMI and VGA inputs available at both the front and at the desk. Additionally there is a DVD/Video combi as well as a TV set-top box integrated into the system. Sound from the HDMI inputs is fed directly into the audio mixer desk. There is a large screen mounted on the rear wall of the conference room to enable speakers and musicians to see what is being projected at the front.

A desktop computer, connected to high speed broadband and integrated into the audio and video system, runs windows 7, and includes OpenSong projection software, Powerpoint and VLC media player. The majority of songs from volumes 1 to 6 of Songs of Fellowship, as well as a number of newer songs, are preloaded onto the computer. Users are not permitted to load software programs onto the desktop computer.

Guests can connect their own computer to the high speed broadband connection via WiFi; there is no wired access to the internet.

Conventional lighting in the conference room is supplemented by coloured effect and stage lighting, controlled from the desk area.

There is a comprehensive user manual for the conference room equipment which users are encouraged to familiarise themselves with.

In addition to the grand piano, the conference room also has a set of drums, tambourines and flags available to aid times of worship.

Throughout the Manor other equipment is available, including a grand piano in the main house stairwell, an upright piano, 2 digital keyboards, as well as portable amplification and projection facilities.

To ensure smooth running of your event, groups are requested to notify and agree in advance of any special requirements, configuration or additional equipment which they will be bringing.

Safety is critical and therefore ALL electrical equipment brought into the manor should be PAT tested / inspected. We reserve the right to refuse guests and or groups the use of their own electrical equipment.

May 2018