Our Trustees and Directors

Our Directors


Andrew Bensley is a practising solicitor working in Minehead who over the years has had experience as a trustee or director in a number of different charities, having helped 4 such charities to become incorporated.  He is a Director of the Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain, and for the last 10 years has been involved with his wife in leading workshops at Brunel Manor on Dance in Worship.  They are both members of Riverside Church, Taunton, and live with their 2 cats in the seaside resort of Watchet.  What little spare time Andrew has is spent enjoying his 2 classic cars, or visiting his twin granddaughters newly born in 2015.

Tim J. Boaden joined the Board of Directors in December 2014 to cover the more formal role of Health and Safety;  Tim brings a background of working knowledge as an enforcement officer in public health spanning over 35 years.  Much sense of fulfilment and success, Tim reflects, has come from God’s working on his life – to develop a keen sense of justice, compassion, and interpersonal skills. His second contribution is his experience gained from volunteering in the garden and woodlands and association with the volunteers who are a key mark of the Manor’s ministry.  It has turned out – travel distance no excuse!

Mark Tanner has been visiting Brunel Manor with his family and church for the last 30 years, and initially became involved with the old Charitable Trust as a co-opted Trustee. He has been a director of the new charitable company throughout the incorporation process. Until he retired he was a dental surgeon running a busy 4 dentist practice. He also studied for a postgraduate degree in business management. These skills allow him to oversee the financial position of the charity.

Sally Searle first came to Brunel Manor with her children in 1998 and then in more recent times to the family and working holidays.  With her husband Julian, she gifts her skills in pastoral care and support at many of the events held at Brunel Manor.  Sally lives in Dorset where she is a member of her local Anglian Church.  She holds a Diploma in Theology and is a licensed Pastoral Assistant.  Sally works in the NHS and has wide experience from previously working in other Christian organizations, especially with hospitality.  She brings all these and other skills to the board.

Sally is aware of God’s working in her life and believes in the importance of prayer, serving, and being involved spiritually through prayer. As a Director she is constantly praying for the Lord's discernment for the future plans of the Woodlands House of Prayer and is working practically for the future of Brunel Manor. 

Adrian Johnson has been coming to Brunel Manor since he was about 6 months old, over the years it has been an important part of his life and faith journey. He now lives in North Wales near to his family and works in the NHS. He has experience in strategic planing, leadership and management in the public sector and is bringing these skills to the Board.

A Christian at the Catholic end of the Anglican denomination he has a deep set belief in sacramental ministry and theology, and contemplative prayer. It is through the sacraments that we are able to glimpse heaven here on earth. He also has a Diploma in Theology and is working towards a MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice.

Jean Dunt came to Brunel Manor in the 1970's and met Vera (Hawkins) and was inspired by her vision for the Woodland House Of Prayer. The lord blessed jean with 50 years of marriage. She has 2 sons and 5 grandchildren. While living in Surrey she trained in the Guildford diocese to be a Lay Pastoral Assistant. Then ran housegroups, under 5's and over 60's. She has been a guide and a Seascouter. Jean has also been a foster mother to many babies pre adoption. Jean now lives locally so hopes to serve the Lord by continuing with some of Vera's Vision.

Peter du Feu  came in 2005 with his wife Jill to live in Torquay and work at Brunel Manor as the Pastoral Leaders. Following early retirement, he joined the Board in 2017. Peter brings a diverse set of skills from his career in engineering, management and academia, which help support the trust with buildings and technology. Peter has a passion to see lives changed by our Sovereign Lord and, together with Jill, is a part of the Pastoral Team.

Company Secretary - Sue Linacre holds the post of Company Secretary, an officer of a charitable company with duties set out in law to ensure compliance with the charity's own governing document and various legal matters.