Prayer Morning

Prayer Day - Wednesday 5th July, 2017


July 2017 has heralded a new chapter in The Woodlands House of Prayer, or more likely a return to the original identity and purpose of the House. We have felt for quite some time that God has been calling us to place prayer as the central and core focus of our ministry. That is why we have prayer times both morning and afternoon, and have also become more purposeful in our request for guests to become Prayer Partners. Recently God has been prompting us to “enlarge our tent-pegs” and become more intentional about meeting with Him.

To this end, we have decided to set two hours aside (10:00 to 12:00) on Wednesday’s to pray. Initially it will be an opportunity for us to come together to pray, before we extend the invitation to the wider Torbay community. We will concentrate on a different theme during each of the four weeks of the month. These are: God – His Majesty & Glory, our Community Family, our Families and our Ministry. Within these themes there will be scope to be creative in prayer. Aspects such as silence, worship, communion, Scripture reading, anointing with oil, teaching, blessing people, etc. will be included. We serve a creative God who calls us to be creative in serving Him.

During our prayer time yesterday we sensed that God was saying that not only are we to set apart Wednesday’s to pray but that we develop a Lifestyle of Prayer while participating in our various responsibilities, i.e. wash-up, cleaning rooms, preparing food, etc. Prayer is simply speaking to God, as if we were speaking to a friend who is standing or working next to us.

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