Pastoral Volunteers

Pastoral Volunteers form an important part of helping support guests both spiritually and practically during the Brunel led events. Members of this team typically will stay during the week, eat with the guests and be available to pray with guests. They will offer practical help to the leader or guest speaker and the Brunel team, which may be anything from setting out a room, helping serve coffee or even the occasional stint in wash-up.

If you are part of your Pastoral Team in your home church, then you should be equipped to serve on this team; we do not offer counselling services and consequently a counselling qualification is not required to serve on this team.

We hold an annual Pastoral Team retreat, where we provide some training and guidance in how we operate and the requirements regarding safeguarding and confidentiality, both prerequisites for team members to be aware of and follow.

Please email or give us a call on 01803 329333 and speak to Richard, our Head of Pastoral and Guest Programmes, to talk about the opportunities that exist in this vital area of ministry.