Retreating into Wholeness

19th March to 24th March 2018


Weather Update


Rev. Dr. Russ Parker will be arriving to lead this event on Tuesday 20th March due to the adverse weather conditions.  


If you are attending this event, we advise you to put off travelling until Tuesday 20th March in order to avoid disruption to your journey.

The below picture shows the current condition of Teignmouth Road (as of Monday Morning).



£295 Half Board - 5 nights

There are a number of examples in the Bible where certain individuals took responsibility for the sins of their nation/community in response to which God poured out his Holy Spirit in bringing restoration and revival.  The amazing factor is that none of these confessors ever took part personally in the sins of their nation and some were not even alive at the time; yet God heard and honoured their confessing hearts.  What about us?

Russ Parker will be our guest speaker for this break. On Thursday we will also share in a Passover Meal with Rachel and David Rust.

Russ Parker - Brief biography

Rev Dr. Russ Parker was Director of the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation from 1995-2013.   Russ’s contribution as Director was to teach, write, develop training materials and lead a dedicated staff of over 20 people.  

Russ is now the Director of 2Restore: Healing Church Wounds which exists to help churches to resolve and heal their legacies of unhealed stories and their issues and move forward in a renewed ability to flourish as God intends

Russ is the author of a number of books which include:  “Healing Dreams”, “Healing Death’s Wounds”; “Free to Fail”, “Healing and Evangelism,”  “Forgiveness is Healing”, “The Wild Spirit,” “Visions in the Night,” “In Search of Wholeness,” “Healing Wounded History,” Wild Spirit of the Living God an anthology of prayer poems for public and private use.   His latest book, published in February 2014 is "Rediscovering the Ministry of Blessing."

Russ travels extensively around the UK and abroad, lecturing and teaching on issues connected with Christian Healing and Healthcare, Reconciliation and Church Transformation.

Russ is married to Roz and lives near Farnham, Surrey. His hobbies are photography and visiting Celtic holy places.  He supports Liverpool Football Club, whether they are winning or losing!

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