New Testament Prayers

11th June to 15th June 2018

£235 Half Board - 4 nights


 We look forward to welcoming Derek again to Woodlands House of Prayer Bible break. Derek brings the inspired Word of God to life as he teaches and shares life experiences. Derek will explore with us New Testament Prayers.

This is a popular break.....recommend early booking!

Derek was born in Bristol (UK) 1941 to Christian parents. He became Christian in his mid teens.

From School Derek joined a printing/packaging firm with national and international reputation.

In 1960 Derek followed God’s call to the Christian ministry at Filey Christian Holiday Crusade (forerunner of Spring Harvest etc).

He has been married to Margaret since September 1964 and has three sons and six grandchildren.

Derek entered London Bible College in 1965. He completed his studies in 1968 and became an Evangelist for the National Young Life Campaign in South West of England. In 1971 he joined The Movement for World Evangelization (an organisation which sponsored the Filey Christian Holiday Crusade!). He then began working with Peter Anderson, John Blanchard, Dave Pope and others. From 1971 the team focussed on ‘hospitality evangelism.’ The emphasis being placed on the informal, and Christians were encouraged to bring friends, relatives and work colleagues to coffee mornings and evenings, dinners, business lunches and other similar events. In 1980 Derek left MWE to form Christian Ministries with Peter and John. This joint ministry continued until May of 2003 when we closed Christian Ministries. Each of us now works independently in Bible teaching and evangelism.

In 1982 became Chaplain to Bristol City Football Club.

In 1985 Derek began an involvement with ministry to evangelists/pastors in India. Visits have been made most years to the present, to conduct Bible classes and to provide practical support for this village work. Through the years there have been numerous visits to the States, plus a heavy involvement in Eastern Europe, especially during the days of Communist oppression.

Derek also serves as Chairman of the Dame Violet Wills Trust. He’s written books including “How to know God’s Will,” “Know God,” “Open Heart - Open Home,” “Pop Goes the Gospel,” and a commentary on 1 Peter in the Christian Focus series



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