I'll be Holmes For Christmas

8th December 2017

Entertainment and 3 Course Evening Meal with Coffee £22.50

Pre-dinner drinks start at 18:45

Sit for dinner at 19:30

We are at the Wedding Reception of Dr John & Mary Watson – Sherlock Holmes is the Bestman, Mrs Hudson is Maid of Honour and Inspector Lastrade is doing his best as an Usher. But they are all surprised to see the guest list include some slightly suspicious characters....


Will the Major, Morris Harty – his wife Maureen Harty or their children Moria Harty and Morgan Harty turn out to be someone else? Will Sherlock and Watson be able to crack the case in time? And will the BBC want to replace Benedict Cumberbatch with David Robinson for the next series?


A Sherlock Holmes Mystery provides a great opportunity to get people together, have a bit of food and a lot of fun. However you want it to take place – with a full meal or just coffee and desserts – you will have 45-55 minutes of 'who dunnit?' action interspersed throughout the evening before it is finally revealed who perpetrated the crime...

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