Faith and Freedom in Prayer

8th October to 12th October 2018

£240 Half Board

Faith & Freedom in Prayer – Galatians

Join John & Jane Wibberley to ask some key questions: How do we hold fast to our faith and freedom in Christ in days when many voices clamour for attention via the internet and media in general? How do we discern Biblical Truth and listen to the gentle voice of The Holy Spirit amid the glitz and glamour of worldly showmanship around us? Upon Whom is our focus? Lets’ journey with Paul and the Galatians to glean valuable material to answer these challenges of modern life, including joining Brunel Manor Team  for Prayer, Worship and Communion on Wednesday morning. Come prepared with fun-night concert items and ready to conclude with a Holy Communion Service.

Arrive on Monday at 16:00 and leave on Friday after breakfast

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