Dance Break

4th June to 8th June 2018

£260 Half Board

Dance is a most expressive way of declaring our love for and devotion to God. Some of us are able to vocalise that love through prayers, others through the written word. For others, physical movement is what connects us to the heart of God. Perhaps this is an area of worship that you’d love to explore further?

 Andrew , Marie and the dance team have been involved in Christian Dance for many years and have immense experience in leading folk into a freedom with worship in dance, both modern and the more traditional. Whether you’re an experienced or new dancer, man or woman, old or young, do consider joining us for these few days, experiencing a variety of dance … contemporary, Israeli, flags, staves and much more.

“This is a place to be built up.  Everyone being valued and special as a child of God; the variety of dance, always something new to learn - giving a healthy physical, mental, spiritual and emotional challenge.”


If you are a little unsure of whether dancing is for on

Since I came over here in '86 and started attending the Open churches, I have become acclimatised 

to most of the differences from my Anglican background- 

           worship bands and their music, 

           prayer and preaching, 

           home groups and most facets of church life.

However, one aspect that I could never feel comfortable with was - you guessed it - 

Dance... also flag waving and ribbon twirling.

Dance was for me  out  of place....and usually not done very well.  

Most dancers seemed only capable of running from A to B and taking a "pose", then running from B to C and taking another "pose" 

(usually with a grimace of some sort}....and then repeating what they'd just done over and over

 ....and unfortunately over again ad infinitum.  Most dancing and dancers were for me amateurish and uninteresting 

and took away from, rather than adding to, my experience of worship. 

However...and it's a BIG HOWEVER... on the Sunday morning while we were playing our worship music, 

I watched the dancers, and particularly Anna Arnold, dance.

And I experienced my "AHA!!!" moment. Anna and her dancing partner were beautiful, and wonderful to watch.

Their outer expression of their inner Love and Worship for Abba was exquisite. I saw each heart dance. 

Hallelu Yah. 

So I know what dancers can do as their expression of worship now. I realise that regardless of the skill level of the person dancing, 

that person is giving their ALL at that much the same way as we musicians do as we play...

So bring on the dancing and flag waving and ribbon twirling and joy and emotions of the dance in praise to Abba. 

I 'll play my strings off for them. 

Blessings, Gordon

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