Suspend a Coffee

How it works

How do I buy a suspended coffee?
It’s simple really. First, you walk into a coffee shop, and instead of buying just one cup of coffee, you buy two or more. You buy one for yourself and one for someone in need. The barista gives you your coffee, then logs the second coffee as “suspended”. The coffee can then be redeemed in a number of ways .

What is my money really paying for?
You don’t need to worry if your money is going to actually help someone or just to take care of a charity organization and its overhead and expenses, or that the recipient is spending money on something other than its intended purpose. Because you’re donating a suspended item, you are in direct control of how your money is helping another human being.

Who am I really helping?
This one is a win-win! Your money doesn’t go to another state, country or continent. It stays right in the community. You not only support someone in need, you also support your local business and all its employees, as well as helping to restore a little faith in humanity.

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