Prayer Day

27th November 2017

£15 including refreshments and light lunch.

God is not concerned with the phrases we bring when we pray … He’s concerned about our hearts. When we pray from our hearts, He hears us. We’re starting a conversation with the Creator of the Universe. What power, therefore, is released when God's children pray: when we pray, we partner with Him in extending His Kingdom. Join the Brunel Team as together we spend the day listening for His voice and praying that His Kingdom may come here on earth.

We all need to be reminded of the power of prayer - as part of a royal priesthood we are in an amazingly privileged position to change people and even nations. 

We will look briefly at the types of prayer for which each of us is suited, and as we widen the focus into praying for Devon and the UK, we will look at some keys to praying over the land. However our main focus would be actually praying either in one group or several small groups.

Refreshments and light lunch included.

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