Dance Break

26th February to 2nd March 2018

£245 Half board

Dance is a most expressive way of declaring our love for and devotion to God. Some of us are able to vocalise that love through prayers, others through the written word. For others, physical movement is what connects us to the heart of God. Perhaps this is an area of worship that you’d love to explore further?

 Andrew , Marie and the dance team have been involved in Christian Dance for many years and have immense experience in leading folk into a freedom with worship in dance, both modern and the more traditional. Whether you’re an experienced or new dancer, man or woman, old or young, do consider joining us for these few days, experiencing a variety of dance … contemporary, Israeli, flags, staves and much more.

“This is a place to be built up.  Everyone being valued and special as a child of God; the variety of dance, always something new to learn - giving a healthy physical, mental, spiritual and emotional challenge.”


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