Climate, Faith and Brexit

14th May to 18th May 2018

£235 Half Board

The UK is changing fast. Climate change is bringing new birds, insects and fish to our shores. Some are welcome, others less so. We also have Brexit - and that too will bring changes to how we farm our land, to what protection we give nature and even where we might go on holiday.  How as a Christian community can we respond to the speed of changes happening around us? What does the Bible teach us about adapting to and embracing change?  Are there practical actions we can take to help ensure the transitions are as smooth as possible for us and for nature?

Join Andy Lester and Rachel Oates for a lively and interactive exploration of the issues and during the afternoon join them for walks, meditation and maybe even a boat trip off the Riviera to look at wildlife!

Andy Lester is the Conservation Director of A Rocha UK, Britains only national Christian charity dedicated to the practical conservation of nature. Andy is an ecologist and economist and speaks & writes widely on environmental issues.  He lives in Southampton with his four boys and South African wife.

Rachel Oates is Head of Estate and Buildings at Brunel Manor, a chartered civil engineer with an interest in all things sustainable she is also passionate about helping people to connect with God through creation.

We will also be joined for a day by a special guest;  A Rocha UK's CEO-who used to be Chief Executive of Friends of The Earth. He will be bringing his wealth of experience on campaigning strategy to the event-and will be helping us think through the big picture of what action we can collectively take to bring about lasting and positive change for the planet.

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