Conference Equipment

The main conference room features the following equipment:

1. A mixer desk which has provision for:

5 x microphones

1 x handheld radio microphone

1 x lapel microphone

1 x lectern microphone

1 x keyboard

1 x acoustic guitar

1 x bass guitar

1 x spare input


2. DVD / CD Player

3. SD Card / Flashdisk Recorder

4. Computer and Monitor Screen

5. Data Projector

6. Screen


7. Microphones and Speakers:

7 x microphones

6 x microphone cables

8 x microphone stands 

4 x male jack cables

4 x speakers

2 x foldback / monitor speakers.


8. Musical Equipment:

1 x Grand Piano

1 x Piano

2 x Digital Keyboards

1 x Set of Drums

3 x Tambourines

Groups are requested to notify and agree in advance of any special requirements, configuration or additional equipment which they will be bringing.

ALL electrical equipment brought into the manor should be PAT tested / inspected. We reserve the right to refuse guests and or groups the use of their own electrical equipment.